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About Us

Mission: Develop a data driven, long-term community strategy that is designed to reduce the incidence of substance abuse among youth and adults by utilizing research-based principles in prevention, intervention and treatment and by providing collaboration among coalition members and community partners.

We partner with schools, law enforcement, businesses, religious organizations, parents, youth, city/county government, social agencies, organizations and other community members in recognizing problems, identifying potential solutions, and implementing those strategies.  We will include key community leaders as essential sources of influence and resources, greatly enhancing the coalition’s ability to develop and implement the vision.

Prevention Framework

1. Assess: What is the problem, and how can we learn more?

2. Build Capacity: What do we have to work with?

3. Plan: What should we do and how should we do it?

4. Implement: How can we put the plan into action?​

5. Evaluate: Is our plan succeeding? Why or Why not?


Two other guiding principles:

Cultural Competence: The ability to interact effectively with members of diverse populations.

Sustainability: The process of achieving and maintaining long-term results.

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